Softball Teams

Beginning fall 2021, we will be offering softball teams from 14U to 18U.


Softball Travel Teams



Turn 2 Athletics is an organization that can develop and expose players to advanced opportunities within the game of softball. Travel softball teams attend tournaments where they compete against top programs in the midwest and players get exposure to college scouts, coaches, and recruiters. 


Starting at 14U, teams play competitive softball against other talented teams preparing them for their later high school years. As players get up to 16U, and 18U, they play in front of scouts, recruiters, and coaches to help put them into a position to pursue softball at the next level.

Informational Meeting

An informational meeting about softball travel teams will be held at the Turn 2 Athletics facility on:

July 20th, 2021 @ 6pm

Tryouts for Fall 2021 - Summer 2022

Turn 2 Athletics will plan to field and organize one team at each age level, 14U-18U. Teams will play together for fall ball, winter/dome ball, and summer ball. Rosters will be determined based on tryouts. 

August 3 & 5, 2021

14U: August 3 @ 5pm

16U: August 5 @ 5pm

18U: August 5 @ 7pm

Teams will consist of 10-12 players.

Pre-High School: 14U

Fall Ball: 2-3 tournaments

Winter Ball (Dome): 2-3 tournaments

Summer Ball: 6-8 tournaments


High School: 16U-18U

Fall Ball: 2-3 tournaments

Dome Ball: 2-3 tournaments

Summer Ball: 5 tournaments


Off-season Training

To prepare for the next season, players have the opportunity to participate in our extensive off-season training program. The off-season training program is a 15-week program that runs from November through March consisting of offensive, defensive, and speed & agility training. Players also have the added benefit of full 24-hour facility access from the start of off-season training, through the summer travel season. We believe this is the best path to better performance during the spring/summer baseball seasons.


Saturdays: Speed & Agility with Marshfield Clinic’s Sports Performance Specialist, Darin Kelly

Sundays: Alternates between offensive and defensive training days.

  • Offensive days

  • Defensive days: Position specific

    • Pitching

    • Catching

    • Infield

    • Outfield



Practices will typically occur 1-2 times per week based on the tournament schedule. We believe in getting as much practice time as possible, while also giving players breaks as to not burn them out.



Players will receive four jerseys (one fall, one winter, two summer), a visor, and a helmet with facemask. Other items, such as pants, belt, and socks will be up to the player to purchase. We will also run a gear store where additional items may be purchased.



Hotels are not included in the team costs and are up to the player to reserve. Many tournaments require us to stay at designated hotels to participate.



Team communications will typically take place through email.